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Calling all North-West Business Owners, Company Directors and HR Managers!

In the current financial climate with rising utility costs, interest, mortgage rates and food costs soaring, employers are trying to find ways to genuinely help their employees where they can, in any way in which they can. Where the financial impact to the employer is minimal or like this example, the cost is nothing, the financial impact to the employee could be significant.

I have worked in the Financial Services Industry for over 20 years, and the majority of that time I've helped 100's of clients to become financially fitter. Since moving into the mortgage world, I greatly enjoy supporting people in making one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives.

I would simply take a table in an office or the canteen for a short time (usually over lunchtime) and engage with employees in chats about financial topics that they are interested in, at no cost.

Having undertaken similar reviews, I've found the employer to be seen by the employee to be trying to assist their financial well-being, and this being measurable both in how they view their employer, their productivity and even loyalty. We have also seen Human Resource Managers, Managing Directors and Finance Directors being thanked by their employees for taking their financial well-being concerns on board.

In short, you are helping because you can, and it benefits your employees with no impact or cost to yourselves.

All I ask is that the employer advises the staff that they are making this work-place benefit available either by staff newsletter, poster etc, and let them know when I will be around.

If you can see the potential benefits of this initiative I would be delighted to have a chat with you to discuss it in more detail. Please email us directly at info@ramsayfinancial.co.uk or call 07593 607440